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COAST offers groups in NYC for skill acquisition and social growth.  This program offers individuals an opportunity to connect with same aged peers in a therapeutic setting in order to optimize growth and accomplish individual goals.  

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Young Adult Classes are currently being offered:


Spring Semester 

April - June 2022

Summer Semester

June - September 2022


Coast Club NYC

306 West 106th Street

Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays  9:30-1:30

Dr. Jen Clark


Dr. Jen Clark

Dr. Clark is a psychologist and a developmental specialist.  She has been in private practice in NYC for over 20 years.  Dr. Clark has created peer based socialization groups for the past 13 years in Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey.  These groups improve socialization, boost confidence and offer therapeutic opportunities to improve emotional regulation.  


"Dr. Jen Clark has worked with our son Sebastian for the past 10 years and she has been a savior in our lives. Jen came highly recommended from the most recognized experts in the field.  She did not disappoint!  She has guided, taught, nurtured and given boundless love to Sebastian, and he still calls her his "best friend".  Her true passion and  professionalism, paired with her psychological insight, is remarkable.  Jen's work ethic is unparalleled, and her expertise as a therapist is beyond impressive. Sebastian’s progress is due to the focus and energy Jen has put forth.  We are forever grateful for her loyalty, hard work and dedication to our son and our entire family."


    -Tommy Hilfiger 

"Jen's passion and persistence has resulted in a quality of life for our son, Sebastian, that has exceeded our expectations.    Her dedication, intuitive understanding, and love for Sebastian is the reason he has progressed beyond anyone's imagination.  Jen's loving, calm, and playful demeanor allowed her to create a beautiful bond with our son, over the years, that continues to this day.  He looked forward to every session he had with her as she was able to capture his attention with exciting activities and imaginative pretend play.   She continues as our most trusted adviser overseeing our son's continued progress.  We are forever grateful to Jen for all that she did for our son and our family!  We have recommended her to family members and friends and they share our awe of her talents as a therapist!"

    -Dee Hilfiger

"My son loves COAST.  He is learning to navigate social situations and the city in an age-appropriate way.  COAST and Dr. Jen Clark are teaching him these skills , and at the same time, he is having so much fun!  He comes home and enthusiastically shares the activities of the day - which is a first in 22 years!"

    -Peggy Becker

"COAST has been a godsend for my 22 year old daughter.  The pandemic imposed isolation was particularly hard for her both socially and emotionally. Since starting COAST we see her former confidence, enthusiasm  and bright affect returning. She looks forward to each class and feels a real sense of comradery in the supportive and caring environment of COAST .

Dr. Jen Clark has created very thoughtful and creative activities and with a true understanding of the social and emotional needs of young adults.  COAST successfully encourages engagement as well as a sense of accomplishment and well being in every participant. Jen Clark's unique, yet very logical approach is what makes COAST a far more impressive social skills class compared with most other similarly named programs available for young adults."

    -Sarah C.